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The right photo

On this page you will find tips that will simplify your photo selection.

Sometimes it's not so easy to get the right photo. Perhaps the portrait is a surprise for someone, or unfortunately the animal is no longer with you. Even then we will find a good solution. Just send me what you have and I'll do my best to deliver the best result! 

"A snapshot with the mobile phone is enough!"


Tips for the ideal template

Just start snapping, rummage through your folders, feel free to send me several photos. Put your phone at about eye level with the cat or dog. But don't let me limit you either, if there is a favorite photo or a typical pose, I will orientate myself to your wishes. 


Natural daylight outdoors, or near a window, always produces the best photos. So avoid bad lighting and flash. 


It doesn't matter whether the animal is looking directly at the camera or looking past it, I'm always happy when my eyes are open. I can best capture the character of the animal with a clear view. 


In order to be able to present the four-legged friend well, it helps me if the whole animal can be seen in the photo. So no cropped ears or anything like that. You then decide freely whether I only paint the head or the whole body as an overall portrait.

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